Our Scope of  Products and Services

   Internal Pipe Coating Services

 Polymer liquid and Epoxy powder coating. 

   Drilling Tubulars

 API conventional, double shoulder, and super torque drilling tubulars( drill pipe, hwdp, drill collar)

   Hardbanding Wires

 Industrial proven quality hardbanding wires Botn Series.

   Tubular Hardbanding Services

 In shop hardbanding services for your tubular hardbanding needs

   Pipe Rental Services

 cost saving solution for your tubular needs. 

   4145H blank Bar Material

 material used in making sub connections

We are specialized in downhole internal tubular coating service-the best way to protect your tubulars from corrosion, abrasion and increase the fluid flowing rate. 

We as well offer high quality drilling tool products(drill pipe,  heavy weight drill pipe and drill collars), 4145 blank bar materials, long lasting hardbanding wire, tubular hardbanding service and pipe rental services.